Neu: CARF Smart Construction

New CAD centrepiece: CARF Smart Construction

Offering the ease of optimized user guidance

To enable a simple and fast construction process has been the heart of the CARF philosophy for many years. Now the successful user concept of LuArtX IT has been enhanced by the intelligent function CARF Smart Construction (CSC).

With CARF Smart Construction LuArtX IT has now taken the efficient user experience of the CARF multi-trade planning software to the extreme. Searching for a function in the menu bar at the top of the BIM application is now history. To open the dialogue just use the left mouse button. It doesn’t get any more convenient or faster than this!
This is easily explained using the example of pipeline planning: Simply open the CARF menu item “Pipeline Planning” and place the pipe object with the left mouse button. With each further click of the left mouse button, a context function for the pipe modelling is displayed immediately. As options the user can select T-pieces, pipe reductions and other elements and proceed with the planning right away.

New dimension in rapid onboarding

Getting started with CARF is much faster with CSC than before. Fewer mouse clicks are required and familiarization is greatly simplified, reducing training times – just right for the Young Generation Z of digital natives! It is no longer necessary to know at which position in CARF a function is located. Instead, CARF is virtually a personal modelling assistant.

Speed by tradition

The CARF philosophy is an expression of LuArtX IT’s long-held strategy of consistently freeing users from unnecessary repetitive tasks. Therefore, CARF now suggests meaningful processing options on its own initiative. The mouse pointer can remain at its very place and does not have to be moved over long distances to the menu bar.

Previously this was not supported in the underlying CAD engine MicroStation. The user always had to first catch the object with the middle mouse button and confirm the selection. Only then the possible modelling options were displayed. Now only two clicks are necessary: Open the context menu with the left mouse button and confirm the displayed selection function. CSC is available from MicroStation CONNECT and on its Ribbon interface.
Of course, experienced users can still use the “Catch Object” and “Confirm Selection” procedure. Setting one of these two options is done in the admin area by a simple push of a button.

“CARF and CARF Smart Construction are all about one thing: That the user reaches his goals easier and faster. No matter what trade the user is currently planning, whether Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary, Sprinkler or Conveyor Systems.”

(Quote: Holga Schwipp)