CARF Paint Systems

Visualize all processes of a paint shop using the CARF Painting System module.

From pretreatment to the quality control workstations. Whether tunnels, basins, dryers, booths or open workstations, in the CARF Painting Systems module you find all the required functions related to this trade.

Design all workstations individually as required, whether open with steel portals or closed with wall systems including doors and windows.

Planning of tunnel enclosures using cross-section polygons and pre-selection of wall thickness and reinforcing perimeter steel profiles at regular intervals along the line.

Planning of complete paint booths with all required components. Quickly and easily define the wall systems including doors, windows and media connections. Add the filter ceiling, plenum and washout, and equipment around the painting process parametrically.

Even robots of all major manufacturers can be found in our CARF Painting Systems module. Robots can be placed individually and freely in the room, with or without a platform. You can also use models with axis and carriage.

Dryers and cooling zones with nozzles and filters are also part of CARF Painting Systems module. Even basins, pumps and catchment pans for VBH and KTL planning are available in our solution. Simple and intuitive container planning is also part of this solution.

CARF Lackiertechnik

Functions at a glance:

  • Cabin enclosures
  • Create cabin walls with wall systems
  • Dryer and dryer tunnel incl. nozzles and filters
  • Dip basins incl. media connections
  • Robots
  • Containers and pumps
  • Control panels and control cabinets

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