IDAT Sprinkler calculation

The hydraulics of sprinkler networks created with CARF Infrastructure Sprinkler can be calculated. For this purpose the calculation program SpriCalc of the company IDAT GmbH is used. It calculates the water flow rate, pressure, pressure loss, flow direction in meshed networks, flow velocity in the pipe network and creates a detailed calculation report. Optionally, a pump can be defined and the operating point can be displayed. All results are returned to the LuArtX IDAT interface and displayed there.

ArWinSprink meets the requirements according to the VdS guidelines. The calculation core has already been tested and approved by VdS. Likewise, the calculations are accepted by FM and the other testing institutions.

The calculation is made in 4 steps:

  1. Click on the start element of the pipe network and load the pipe network
  2. Determine the effective area (of all simultaneously operating sprinkler nozzles)
  3. Export pipe network data to IDAT and import the calculation results
  4. Display of all results, colouring and labelling of part sections

The pipe network is divided into part sections (= pipe sections with an uniform internal diameter). A unique node number is assigned at the beginning and end of each part section. All calculation results are determined for the part sections.

Calculation results:

  • Pipeline number
  • Start and end node number
  • Pressure at the beginning of the pipe section
  • For sprinklers the K-factor
  • The output rate at the sprinkler
  • The amount of water in the pipe
  • Pipe diameter and length
  • Components (number of bends, angles, T-pieces …)
  • The hydraulic length
  • Pressure loss due to friction
  • Height difference
  • The total pressure drop
  • The pressure at the end of the pipe
  • The flow velocity in the pipe section

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