Quality inspection - CARF Qualitool

Does your data meet the requirements?

With the CARF Qualitool you can rest assured. Automated quality checks and subsequent assistance with troubleshooting ensure that your CAD data meets the required standards.

How can you be sure? One or more files are checked according to certain rules and for each file there is a check log with the corresponding check stamp in the drawing. The inspection stamp allows to see immediately whether a drawing was created according to a specified standard.

A very simple and effective tool to quickly get things staightened out in the work between client and contractor and provides a backstop for both sides.


The functions of the CARF Qualitool at a glance:

  • Creation of individual rules for testing e.g. for:
    • open strands
    • component sizes
    • interconnected power networks
    • materials for specific media
    • levels, colours, line widths
    • versions
    • testing in batch run
    • intelligent components (component – attributes)
  • Testing according to a CAD standard (e.g. env from Daimler)
  • Results are evaluated via a test protocol
  • Drawing file is provided with check stamp
  • Deposit of a quality stamp for several files (batch) for check-in into a document management system

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