CARF Infrastructure Underground Pipelines

This CARF Infrastructure Underground Pipelines module can be used to design and evaluate all essential underground piping and sewer systems including the corresponding valves and components (shafts, grease separator, lifting gear etc.) in three dimensions. Various sewer shafts are freely selected and defined in line with the ventilation outlets using XML programming with table displays.

With the Multipipe functionality you can combine several pipes of different nominal diameters, manufacturers and media with each other (drawing, intersectioning). The drawing may already contain existing lines (routes) or own lines can be defined, which are then saved as an assembly.

Media, materials an so on can be predefined in the env files for each project, avoiding errors by the user.

Evaluate underground piping and sewer shaft systems with the associated valves.

CARF Erdverlegte Leitungen

Functions at a glance:

  • Various parametric components (round, angular, horizontal shafts)
  • Connection of the pipeline to the shafts
  • Drainage channels incl. connection to media
  • Floor drains
  • Hydrants
  • Lanterns
  • Expansion pads
  • All information is directly incorporated in the DGN drawing
  • Each component can be labelled freely
  • Analysis of quantities via Excel
  • Each pipeline can be measured as required (DN, height, strand, pipe length / section length)
  • Each cell (valve) has a 2D symbol, this can be freely defined and placed
  • Exchange via IFC interface optionally available

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