CARF Infrastructure HVAC

In the CAD software family for a consistent BIM planning in buildings incl. underground pipes.

CARF Infrastructure HVAC offers on the most powerful CAD platform MicroStation unlimited planning possibilities. In addition, the integrated interfaces to IFC, to Solar Computer and IDAT offer all functionalities for the calculations or – using Isogen – for isometry creation to implement a ClosedBIM or OpenBIM.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a constantly growing requirement! Making information consistently available to all project stakeholders from conceptual design, through construction, operation, and demolition means that CAD software must meet the needs of the user and the projectsand must be adapted to meet increasing requirements.

Every CARF installation includes the Construction module – often only 2D plans from the architect are available to the designer. To create your building quickly and with a few klicks, the CARF Infrastructure HVAC module is the perfect solution. Of course, including doors, windows, joists, penetrations and many other components. Point clouds can also be referenced directly in MicroStation. The referencing approach used in MicroStation allows you to easily exchange plans, so many designers can plan on the same project at the same time in different trades and all have access to the same data.

2D plotter plans are generated in no time and, if required, the entire model can be sent to the customer as a 3D PDF. Additionally, you can create a bill of quantities for all plans, automatically place legends in plans and label all components either automatically or manually if required, which facilitates the documentation tasks.

MicroStation can export a drawing to DWG. To ensure that not only the geometry but also the component information is exported, the technical data must be attached first. Thus, you add valuable information to the components, visible to AutoCAD users.

CARF Qualitool allows you to check your plans before submission. Are there open strands that are not connected, were the env (CAD guidelines) of the clients followed and much more. Using Qualitool reduces trouble on both sides.

The CARF Construction module is indispensable for providing the 3D information required for a BIM model from an existing 2D architect’s model.

Design your electrical system in 3D even faster using the CARF Electrical 3D module.

Evaluate underground piping and sewer systems with associated fittings.

Design complete heating and cooling systems using an extensive component library in 3D.

From preliminary planning to prefabrication – fast planning and evaluation of complex ventilation systems with our 3D CAD tool.

Easily design and document 3D drinking water and wastewater systems with our design module.

Creation of schematic plans with grid functionality for the trades heating, ventilation, sanitation and sprinkler.

Plan a sprinkler pipe network from the fire alarm central to the sprinkler head according to VDS guidelines and FM standard.

CARF Infrastruktur TGA

Some benefits at a glance:

  • Unlimited planning possibilities based on MicroStation
  • Construction module included in every installation
  • Point clouds can be referenced directly in MicroStation
  • Simultaneous access of all trades to the same data
  • 2D plotter plans can be created quickly
  • Export of the drawing as a DWG file
  • Low data volume due to optimized parametric cells
  • Verification with CARF Qualitool

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