CARF Building Layout Designer

The CARF Building Layout Designer module enables the automatic creation of complete buildings based on axis grids with preset building design constructions (e.g. construction shell, assembly, parking garage).

Benefits of the CARF Building Layout Designer module?

  • Basic axis grid settings for building types
  • Flexible change functions for the building floor plans
  • Automatic basic building settings for specific building types and uses
    • Floor slab with expansion joints
    • Supports with foundation as steel or concrete structure
    • Main and secondary beams as steel or concrete structure
    • Representation of facades with facade elements (wall panels, windows, doors, gates, facade substructure)
    • Roof structure with attics, skylights, roof panels
    • Sprinkler network as a draft visualization
    • S-stations with steel construction platforms with surface usage
    • Setting of multi-storey buildings with different settings for ground and upper floors
    • Flexible placement of additional construction elements
    • Placement of penthouse roof superstructures over secondary beams
    • Placement of steel construction platforms
    • Preparation of material lists as a basis for calculation
  • Automatic creation of parking garages as separate building types (without axis grid reference) based on basic parking garage types
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