CARF Construction Module

Many of our clients receive a 2D architectural model from the architect. For a BIM model, all information must be available in 3D. The CARF Infrastructure Construction Module provides a remedy for this, even if only simple volume models are involved. Since it is not a professional architect CAD programme, the models can be created quickly and are sufficient for most HVAC planners, also to place penetrations, etc.You can create walls automatically from a library using the 2D lines or manually from a defined start to end point. Then you can simply insert, modify and/or move components.

CARF Infrastruktur TGA

Functions at a glance:

  • Included in every CARF infrastructure HVAC module
  • Intelligent components such as walls, doors, windows and much more.
  • Saving of preferred components
  • Bill of quantities for all components
  • Exchange via IFC interface optionally available
  • In Equipment Layout you will find many more components and functions (optional)

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