CARF Heating 3D

The CARF Infrastructure Heating 3D design module facilitates the design, evaluation and documentation of comprehensive heating and cooling systems using an extensive component library in 3D. Create from single piping to multi-piping for the supply, return and, if necessary, other lines to easily draw routes. CARF contains manufacturer-specific or neutral piping catalogues with true to size moulded parts. Material changes are made fully automatically incl. adjustment of lengths/radii/dimensions of the moulded parts.

Dynamic connection variants facilitate the design process.

Benefit from the extensive selection of hierarchically structured parametric components, the parametrical placement of which may optionally be made interactively.

Generate standard-compliant insulation of pipings using dimension-dependent insulation tables.

Integrated penetration planning allows you to define penetrations across different trades.

Intelligent dimensioning and labelling functions help you create drawings at different scales.

Pipe networks can subsequently be transferred to Solar Computer H60. The results are transferred back to the components.

Create simple building structures with walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors using the BAU module included in all 3D modules.

CARF Heizung 3D

Functions at a glance:

  • Intelligent components (manufacturer-related or neutral)
  • Automatic alignment of valves on the manifold to one height
  • Analysis of quantities for all parts, components and routes
  • Interface to Solar Computer H60
  • Exchange via IFC interface (optionally available)
  • Interface to Isogen for creation of isometric drawings and prefabrication (optionally available)
  • Creation of sectional views for all trades
  • Creation of legends

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