CARF Digital Factory Planning

One factory - many interrelated trades - one CAD software - CARF

In a factory a product passes through many processes until it is completed, and these processes must be interlinked or are interdependent.

For over 20 years, initiated by a contract development for the German automotive industry, CARF has facilitated and provided an intuitive way to plan and coordinate all these processes.

From the creation of a blank, to the colour design of the envelope, to the inner workings and packaging. This is dependent on a functioning logistics planning, collision-free aligned tools, sufficiently equipped workstations, connected with a conveyor system, elevated on a statically calculated steel structure.

All these processes, as well as the CAD planning processes, are interdependent. CARF offers the appropriate systems, which also complement each other and simplify the planning of processes, thus closing the circle of a factory planning interacting with the HVAC planning.

The development of CARF’s globally unique product range was enabled by the contract development for German automotive companies. Now, you can benefit from developments for one of Germany’s largest industries.

Nothing is more important in a company than correct and easy-to-read escape and rescue route plans as well as fire department operation plans for production spaces or office rooms.

Plan a complete factory including outdoor facilities, office and social rooms, logistics, assembly, body shop, etc.

Easy and quick planning of parametrically designed conveyor systems, whether floor conveyor or overhead conveyor systems. 

Automatic creation of complete buildings based on axis grids with predefined building designs. 

Calculate and generate the envelope and tractrix curves for road vehicles and rail vehicles.

Map all processes of a paint shop, from pre-treatment to the control workstation.

In addition to setting up and installing machines, we can also facilitate the disposal management of production waste.

Creation of steel structures using simple routines layouts in both 2D and 3D models.

CARF Digitale Fabrikplanung

Some benefits at a glance:

  • Fast introduction and short training period
  • Intelligent planning by taking into account interference contours, working spaces, installation and removal situations
  • Fast implementation of changes in the 3D model
  • Different views or bills of quantities at the push of a button
  • Easy handling of all modules, which are co-developed by users
  • Integrated interfaces to simulation and calculation programmes (GSL, AML, SDNF)
  • Low data volume due to optimized parametric cells

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