CARF Envelope and Tractrix Curves

An equally important aspect of factory planning is the calculation of envelope and tractrix curves. With the CARF Envelope and Tractrix Curve module you can calculate and generate these curves for the required vehicles.

Benefit from an extensive pre-selection of vehicles of all types, whether cars, trucks or tractors with and without trailers. Even buses and semi-trailers with any number of axles can be calculated with the Envelope and Tractrix Curve module. Gigaliners of various types can also be used.

Reversing is also possible with the CARF Envelope and Tractrix Curve module.

In addition to road vehicles, you can also calculate and display the envelope and tractrix curves of rail vehicles. The individual gradients in the curves are taken into account. All calculations are based on accurate kinematic and graphical values to deliver precise results for accurate planning.

In addition, you can also have the calculation results animated in order to better understand the driving behaviour of the vehicle or train.

CARF Hüll- und Schleppkurven

Functions at a glance:

  • Tractrix curve calculation for road vehicles
  • Envelope curve generation for road vehicles
  • Animation of road vehicles along a path
  • Tractrix curve calculation for rail vehicles
  • Envelope curve generation for rail vehicles
  • Animation of rail vehicles along a path

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