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Maximize the return on your building or facility with solutions for the entire facility life cycle. Improve the planning coordination, gain insights into the design phase and ensure that planning and construction information is captured for operational use.

Bentley’s design, analysis, reality and construction modelling solutions connect all the disciplines involved in planning and building your facilities. With processes managed by our project collaboration solutions, you can further develop intelligent models. Models created by your project management teams during the planning, construction and operation. The result: You will be able to reduce your costs, manage investment projects and maximize your return.

You can manage department stores, commercial and school buildings or other structures. You are also able to operate health care facilities, schools and educational institutions, airports and other complex facilities. Regardless of the type of building or facility, Bentley’s multidisciplinary modelling applications, the collaborative project framework and the operational solutions provide you with the ability to manage and share information throughout the whole asset life cycle.

If you are looking to retrofit or expand a system, our reality modelling solution will help you quickly capture the existing context for your development team. And our solution for construction modelling ensures comprehensive transparency during the construction phase.

Bentley’s commitment to information mobility enables you to leverage detailed, spatial, architectural and planning contents throughout the life cycle of your facility. This reduces maintenance costs, enables you to make more informed asset management decisions and meet regulatory compliance obligations..

With MicroStation you can easily view, model, document and visualize projects of any size and complexity

ProjectWise is a software for the management of infrastructure projects in which all data and construction steps are managed and documented in a structured way

Bentley Systems’ BIM Building Design ensures optimal workflows accross the entire process

ProSteel is the perfect tool for modelling your structural steel design tasks

Model and simulate people movement to optimize pedestrian infrastructure

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By actively managing the entire life cycle of your building or facility, you can:

  • plan ahead the costs of construction and maintenance
  • shorten and manage project schedules
  • increase operational efficiency
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