Until completion a product in a factory undergoes several processes, which are interrelated or interdependent. With CARF’s software planning module Digital Factory Planning, you can easily and intuitively plan all these processes.

CARF Infrastructure offers you limitless planning possibilities on MicroStation, the most powerful CAD platform. With integrated interfaces to IFC, Solar Computer and IDAT for calculations or using Isogen it provides everything you need for a ClosedBIM or OpenBIM. 

Maximize the return on your building or facility with solutions for the entire facility life cycle. Bentley’s design, analysis, reality and construction modelling solutions connect all the disciplines involved in planning and building your facilities.

Developed for digital factory planning, the tractrix curves module can also be used for envelope and tractrix curve calculation in road traffic as well as rail traffic. Using using various predefined types you can digitally plan envelope curves.

Increase data quality and automatically verify the created CAD files whether the required standards have been met. With CARF’s quality control tool, you increase your planning quality and prevent error costs.

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