Calculation interfaces to SOLAR-COMPUTER

All calculation interfaces to SOLAR-COMPUTER are part of the respective module.

LuArtX IT GmbH and SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH have entered into a future-oriented cooperation in 2021. Thanks to many joint development projects in the industry, all interfaces have been tested in practice. All CARF Infrastructure HVAC modules have a bidirectional interface to the SOLAR-COMPUTER calculations; this enables the user to perform planning tasks consistently, quickly and without errors.

CARF / SOLAR-COMPUTER interfaces at a glance

Architectural models can be imported via IFC, DXF or DWG into the SOLAR-COMPUTER tool “Raumbuch 3D”, where they can be filtered and, if necessary, adapted to suit HVAC applications. Subsequently, an import into the CARF room macro of LuArtX is made, supplemented by calculation results of the heating load DIN EN 12831-1 and radiator design.

Based on the CARF room macro, the heating pipe networks, drinking water networks and air duct networks can then be planned, calculated and, if necessary, dimensioned.

Radiator layout

Interface for the layout of room radiators according to VDI 6030 with or without consideration of thermal comfort. Reading and processing of original manufacturer’s data sets in VDI 3805-6 or BDH 2.0 format. Application of the programme for the planning of new buildings and renovation of old buildings, e.g. recalculation or conversion of existing radiators. Quick processing with tables, including continuous graphical control.

SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH – Radiator layout VDI 3805-6 / BDH 2.0

Heating pipe networks

Interface for calculating the heating load according to DIN EN 12831-1 for projects of all types and sizes with national supplements according to DIN/TS 12831-1. Optional quick processing in tables or integration of the calculation in CARF with intelligent zoning. Detailed support of standard specifications and special cases. Result representations as documentation as well as in the form of various adjustable graphics suitable for consulting purposes.

SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH – Heating load calculation DIN EN 12831-1

Air duct networks

Interface for pressure loss calculation of supply and exhaust air systems with square, round, oval cross-sections and combined duct components. Application for dimensioning, balancing, recalculation, optimization and simulation. Fast, easy and safe working with real duct components, strands, assemblies or network sections. Always clearly structured working environment thanks to visual network and building structure.

SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH – Air duct network pressure loss/alignment

Drinking water calculation

Interface for calculating drinking water installations according to DIN 1988-300 for projects of all types and complexity in residential and non-residential buildings. Open system component management. Exchangeability and combinability of own and product-neutral standard catalogues as well as data from manufacturer data sets.

SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH – Drinking water DIN 1988-300, incl. Schematics editor

Waste water calculation

Interface for calculating and verifying building and site drainage for residential and non-residential buildings of all types and sizes according to current standards such as DIN EN 12056 / DIN EN 752 / DIN 196-10. Convenient editing of the drainage network in the schematic area of the drawing window or integration in CARF 3D application. Continuous tabular and graphical control displays with editing options. Extensive master data for ancillary conditions and system components according to standards; import interface VDI 3805.

SOLAR-COMPUTER GmbH – Drainage DIN EN 12056 / DIN EN 752 / DIN 1986-100

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