LuArtX CARF Diamond-Projekt

Research Project DIAMOND – Digital Plant Modeling with Neutral Data Formats

Increasing digitization is bringing major changes to our everyday working lives and has consequences for manufacturing and processes in equal measure.

The DIAMOND research project forms a framework between scientific work and the exchange of knowledge and intelligence of the various software and tool manufacturers, as well as users and planners. The implementation between theory and practice is a big challenge, which can only be achieved by the exchange of data and personality in the whole project process. LuArtX IT GmbH is a part of this DIAMOND project and we are proud of it.

Only through this we managed to generate the interface to CADENAS, the integration as BIM component catalog incl. data masks and mapping, incl. CONNPTS connection points in the shortest time. In the coming weeks, LuArtX IT GmbH will provide an update on this separately as a video on our homepage and on YouTube to give you as a user or viewer a first insight.

The interface to SOLAR-COMPUTER was also intensively considered
and evaluated. With a lot of knowledge and know-how of each individual. It is
important to us that all of our CARF tools and processes are in a
are in a flawless condition and have a high qualitative added value in the Project process for you.


AI and data utilization:

Because one thing is clear: even if the rapid development of AI takes over the
occupy life and everyday work, it is still in our hands to
 project processes and the knowledge of each individual into the
research project.

What can we expect in the coming weeks and months?

These are the topics we have set out to address, along with numerous others:

A look ahead:

In the fall of 2023, much of the modeling system in the AML export and import process will be read in and out. CADENAS interface and introduction to the new features of the SOLAR-interface.
Innovations of the interface to SOLAR-COMPUTER.

Three strategies: Adding value to us as a company and in the overall project: Efficiency, product & quality Development: Establishment and intensive further development of interfaces in the form of demonstrators, mapping of objects and Mapping of the modeling system

Deadlines: Weekly regular meetings with external project partners, as well as all project participants internally determine our daily doing and are guided through the individual project phases

Processes: Process acceleration throughout the entire life cycle shortens the project duration, increases the quality in engineering and costs are avoided through flexible and fast multiple use of data.

Of course, this week is also all about the DIAMOND project

Before the general summer break of the overall project, there are still some open issues to be resolved within the team and with all external partners. We in development and consulting will not take a summer break, but will continue to work on the research project.

On Friday 08.07 the first steps were presented and the already developed tools were tested. We are very excited about how the processes and the thoughts of each individual developer interact and are already looking forward to the excellent result. Because our goal is: To make the DIAMOND project shine together!

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LuArtX CARF Diamond-Projekt