Pure Freude – mit dem Jobrad ins Büro!

Pure joy – to the office on a job bike!

Cycling is beautiful! Our employees enjoy cycling to the office.
LuArtX IT chose the location of its offices so that they are easily and directly accessible by bike. Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to provide all employees with a job bike from now on!

Our employees benefit from a “free” bicycle, which they can select and configure, and are already active on the way to work! This ensures motivation in the team! And we look forward to relaxed, balanced employees! After all, as Albert Einstein said: “It occurred to me while I was riding my bicycle.” (Albert Einstein). Employee appreciation is very important to us!

A great side effect: our employees have a CO2-neutral journey and make their contribution to sustainable living!

Rolls with us …


Pure Freude – mit dem Jobrad ins Büro!