Cooperation with SOLAR COMPUTER

In 2021 LuArtX IT GmbH and SOLAR COMPUTER have entered into a future-oriented cooperation. Thanks to many joint development projects in the industry, all interfaces are up to date. All CARF infrastructure TGA modules have a bidirectional interface to SOLAR COMPUTER calculations; this enables the user to complete planning tasks consistently, quickly and error free.

CARF / SOLAR COMPUTER interfaces at a glance

Architectural models can be imported via IFC, DXF or DWG into the SOLAR COMPUTER tool “Raumbuch 3D”, where they can be filtered and, if necessary, adapted to suit TGA applications. Subsequently, an import into the CARF room macro of LuArtX is made, supplemented by calculation results of the heating load DIN EN 12831-1 and radiator design. Based on the CARF room macro, the heating pipe networks, drinking water networks and air duct networks can then be planned, calculated and, if necessary, dimensioned.


CARF Video IFC Import

CARF video Radiator Calculation

CARF video Ventilation Duct Network Calculation

CARF video Drinking Water Network Calculation

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