CARF BIM Navigator

With the CARF BIM Navigator, CARF objects can be structured and filtered easily and quickly.

Now, the BIM Navigator is available! Contact our support team!

What does the BIM Navigator offer?

•    Display and filtering of the various CARF objects in DGN
•    Display in list view or tree structure
•    Various filtering options
•    Advanced user interface
•    Easily configurable via Excel
•    Setting up custom filters with Excel
•    Export function of the tree structure to XML
•    Export of the list view to csv/Excel

CARF BIM Navigator


You can find the BIM Navigator in the CARF menu bar.

Highlights of the BIM Navigator

1.  References

The attached references can be turned off for scanning. Thus, the elements from these references are ignored.
It is possible to always display the elements of a reference when isolating. This can be useful for a reference with structural elements.

2.  Scanning of elements (fence, file, selection)

The elements in the DGN can be read into the BIM Navigator via the Refresh button in the popup menu. If only areas of the DGN should be scanned, it is possible to define an area using the selection functionality or the fence. 

3. View settings, Zoom, select, Isolate

Clicking the button with the eye, all settings for centring, selecting and isolating the elements in the different views are available.

4. Filtering via the list

To group the table by a column, drag the desired column to the top of the table header. It is possible to group by several columns.

The grouping can be deleted when moving over the column name, via the Close icon.
Using the filter symbol, each column can be separately provided with various filters.