Many disciplines - one tool - CARF Equipment Layout

You can plan a complete factory, incl. outdoor facilities using the CARF Equipment Layout with a few mouse clicks.
Office and social facility planning, logistics, assembly, body construction, works structural planning, painting.

Have you not received any building files for your project from the architects? You yourself can then create the building in 3D, incl. windows and doors, quickly and without complication with the help of the building functions. If you are equipping the offices with furniture, parametrically in 3D, you can plan down to the design of the handles and the interiors of the cupboards.

If you are a logistics planner, the parametric cells for bookshelves, trailers and tanks are available. You can plan using a wide spectrum of predefined cells; you can however also simply combine the objects yourself.

In addition to planning for the logistics area, you can also use the equipment layout facility of CARF to position the assembly areas, working platforms and worker-rider belts.

You can quickly define, without complication, individual floor, wall and overhead cranes using the functions in crane technology. This could be placed in your layout with the necessary attributes such as overhang, maximum load, working space and interference volume. You can also plan bridge cranes in detail. You can also display the associated components and their space requirements using the option for adding catwalks and power supply.

The planning of crane rails incl. trolleys, manipulators and handling devices is a popular application in assembly planning. The planning of crane rails in CARF crane technology is rounded off by the additional placing of holders and hangers, workspace and interference volumes.

The aggregate planning of machines, incl. their interlinking, can be quickly and easily done using the machine design function. Plan your barrier systems such as fences and partition walls, but also crash barriers and bollards. Even robots in all their different designs can be placed quickly.

The planners in the automotive sector can also be pleased with the CarConfigurator which allows a choice of any vehicle type from all popular manufacturers.

In the planning, do not ignore outdoor area functions such as parking places, parking areas, foot paths, traffic signs, courses of roads and rail systems incl. train signalling symbols, which are extensively covered in this facility.

Overview of some CARF equipment layout benefits:

  • Generate the complete production halls, including walls, doors, windows and Attica roofing
  • Use the terrain functions and partition wall systems
  • Generate work platforms, simple steel platforms and working platforms
  • Outfit the building with furniture, crane systems, robots, logistic objects and machine constructions
  • Define paths, border markings, area identifiers
  • Benefit from automatic legend functions
  • CarConfigurator
  • Outdoor area functions such as parking areas, footpaths, road courses, traffic signs, rail systems etc.
Plan complete factory halls