CARF Crane Module

Use the CARF crane module to place individual floor, wall and overhead cranes – quickly and without complication.

A selection of predefined crane models is available for your use. This could be placed in your layout with the necessary attributes such as overhang, maximum load, working space and interference volume.

Would you like to provide the crane with its own attributes or change these? No problem; all parameters of the crane can be represented in the crane definition mask and adjusted to your requirements. The crane is updated in the drawing.

You can also plan bridge cranes in detail. Individual, associated components can be defined for each bridge to enable this space requirement also to be displayed. Plan trolleys, crane hooks, power connections, catwalks, switchboards crane driver’s cabin.

Various support and beam forms can be added.

Overview of the CARF Crane module functions:

  • Place the crane rails, suspensions, electrical chain hoists, manipulators etc.
  • Predefined crane models (pillar jib crane, wall slewing crane, bridge crane)
  • Easy adjustment of the crane attributes
  • Place the loading gantries and add-on elements