CARF Construction Module

Buildings, from construction hall to skyscraper, can be easily and quickly planned using the CARF Construction module.

The CARF construction model is just right when you would quickly like to plan a hall or building yourself but have no model from the architect.

A wall in 3D can be quickly created from a 2D plan by clicking on lines, regardless from which the CAD system the data come. One line is sufficient. Should you yourself create a building or a hall, an axis grid can be easily created in the first step. A start can naturally be made with the placing of the floor panel and the walls. The floor panel can be created just from the corner points. Walls can be created as straight or free-form. The user decides himself how he wants to proceed.

Walls and columns can be simply placed in the axis grid. Penetrations can be created. A large number of parametric built-in parts such as windows, doors, stairs, roller doors etc. are available. Lifts and various Attica variants are implemented. As in other modules, a bill of quantities can be extracted at any time.

All guidelines can be digitally stored In the environment (env-environment) of the CARF construction module. This means that all participants in the project get the same results for colour, level, line thickness, but also for materials and component sizes.

Overview of the CARF construction module functions:

  • Building planning simplified using the following toolbox functions:
    • Place walls
    • Place windows, doors
    • Create main beams
    • Place columns
    • Place stairs
    • Place lifts
    • Place roofs
    • Place roof window, roof element
    • Place canopies on outside walls
    • Place Attica
  • All building attributes can be defined or adjusted via a dialogue window