CARF Infrastructure Ventilation 3D

The planning and evaluation of complex ventilation systems for square ducts, round pipes or oval pipes is faster than ever before with our 3D CAD tool. From pre-planning to prefabrication, you have with the CARF Infrastructure Ventilation 3D Module a consistent software at your fingertips and thus minimize errors when ordering components for the project.

With the enhanced functionality for 3D planning with pre-dimensioning via the duct slider this system is the ideal tool for model-oriented planning and processing of highly complex ventilation systems and control centres. Promat channels and isolated channels use predefined display options thus facilitating your planning process. By selecting the start and end point, components are positioned automatically.

Via the interfaces to Solar Computer for the calculation of the duct network and via the optionally available integrated Klimax interface, your components can be prefabricated avoiding many sources of error.


  • Volume flow definition using a room stamp
  • Planning and construction aids
  • Bill of quantities for all components, piping and insulation
  • Basic variants of the moulded parts (T-pieces, rivet board, shelves, bends, separators)
  • Klimax interface optionally integrated
  • Interface to Solar Computer
  • Objects for detailed planning as well as climatization planning (coolers, silencers, cross-talk sound absorbers, canvas, heaters, fans, swirl outlets, disk valves, ventilation grids, volume flow controllers, throttle valves, fire dampers including drives, etc.)
  • Integration of VDI 3805 manufacturer data
  • Channel shadow to enhance the visualization of the media in the plot plan
  • Automatic connection of outlets
  • predefined media
  • Dimensioning of ducts downstream of the duct slider
  • Automatic generation of third-party moulded parts (Lindab …)
  • Enhanced generation of moulded parts (duct, pipe, symmetrical and asymmetrical bends, T-pieces, transition T-pieces, shelves, Y-pieces, reducers, flanged collars, end caps, flanges etc.) in 2D and 3D
  • Associative labels
  • Plant definition of the network
  • 3D Ventilation control panel configurator
  • 3D Insulations or insulations
  • Cross-sections for all construction areas
  • Creating legends