CARF Infrastructure Sprinkler 3D

Do you want to plan a sprinkler pipe network from the central unit to the sprinkler head quickly and easily according to VDS guidelines and FM standards? With the CARF Sprinkler 3D Module we provide all the necessary components and piping, including many design aids. Connection routines and free connection functions for comb and double comb are implemented and help with 3D planning. Sprinkler heads can be checked after placement using pre-filtering, such as maximum area per sprinkler, maximum distance between sprinklers, maximum wall distance and minimum wall distance.

The sprinkler pipe network can be calculated and documented using WinSprink from IDAT .
Optionally, production isometrics of the planned pipeline network can be created using Isogen.


  • Automatic connection of sprinkler heads
  • Construction tools
  • Bill of quantities for all components, piping and components via Excel
  • Configurator for vessels and distributors
  • IDAT interface for calculating the sprinkler network
  • Gas extinguishing systems including gas extinguishing nozzles, installation nozzles and piping
  • Exchange via IFC interface optionally available
  • Interface to Isogen for isometrics creation and prefabrication
  • Cross-sections for all construction areas
  • Creating legends