CARF Infrastructure Heating 3D

The CARF Infrastructure Heating 3D construction module supports your planning, evaluating and documenting complete heating and cooling systems and offers an extensive component library in 3D. Radiators can be determined using the radiator design function and automatically entered into the drawing or placed individually according to the relevant manufacturer data. The piping network can be planned either as 2-pipe or Tichelmann system. Construction of single pipelines up to multi-pipelines for flow, return and circulation and, if required, additional pipelines. Dynamic connection options to support you during the design phase.

The piping networks can be approximately calculated and transferred later to Solar Computer. The results are then re-transferred to the components. Benefit from the integrated radiator design in accordance with BDH EN 442, the extensive selection of hierarchically structured parametric components and the comprehensive standard libraries.

The CARF Module Steel Construction/Staging Systems is also available as an option for the design planning of working platforms, steel stairs or maintenance platforms.


  • Intelligent components (manufacturer-related or neutral)
  • Automatic alignment of valves on the manifold at a given level
  • Bill of quantities for all components, piping and insulation
  • Intelligent components
  • High performance
  • Heating pipe network – Pre-dimensioning
  • Interface to Solar Computer
  • Integrated radiator design according to BDH EN 442
  • Exchange via IFC interface optionally available
  • Interface to Isogen for isometrics creation and prefabrication
  • Cross-sections for all construction areas
  • Creating legends