CARF Infrastructure Electric 3D

With the CARF Electric 3D Module you can now create your 3D Electric models even faster. Here you find all necessary components for the electrical installation in 2D and 3D. The powerful cross-standard object library with free attribute assignment of components enhances your BIM planning.
Pre-defined 3D busbars, cable trays and cable ducts, as well as insertion and empty conduit planning, cable routes including booms (consoles, hangers and head plates) which can be automatically positioned along the route.

Associative labelling of the components with all component information and, if desired, you can easily add further component information (e.g. AKS numbers, circuit numbers, weight, article and order numbers, …). All component information can be evaluated and documented with Excel.


  • Extensive standard symbols
  • Intelligent components (manufacturer-related or neutral)
  • EIB, video, burglary, fire alarm, light call and intercom systems, data and telephone networks, lightning protection systems
  • 3D busbars
  • Control cabinet and transformer configurator incl. connection to the exhaust air
  • Planning of 2D/3D cable trays and ducts, as well as insert and empty conduit planning
  • Promat channels
  • Circuit numbers
  • Bill of quantities for all components and routes
  • Exchange via IFC interface optionally available
  • Creation of cross-sections
  • Creating legends