CARF Patch 2021.1 verfügbar

CARF Patch 2023.5 is online!

The new CARF Patch 2023.5 is available for download in our download portal area.

The following adjustments are included:

  • TGA-1067: Extend object to next object – wrong point.
  • TGA-1061: Electro 2023.5 -> rotated parametric control cabinet does not work.
  • TGA-1062: Assign areas to elements: BSK is assigned to the wrong room.


  • FAB-612: pallet circulation conveyor with distance between tables
  • FAB-610: Circulating pallet conveyor Smart function
  • FAB-641: Conveyor technology legend update
  • FAB-609: Double drives for pallet circulation conveyor
  • FAB-643: Help call recirculating pallet conveyor
  • FAB-633: Crash with toolkit pseudo cell function
  • FAB-628: Labeling problem with setup layout area labeling
  • FAB-624: Paint shop layout, problem in dip tank piping


  • FAB-660: Thrust platform lifting table
  • FAB-639: Start fault volume function update
  • TGA-1053: End cover
  • FAB-631: Feet of push platform flow
  • TGA-992: Connecting to fittings on a slope


  • FAB-650: Cost center check
  • TGA-1051: Plumbing 3D, incorrect position of fitting during rebuild.
  • TGA-1048: Text for electrical parametric distributors.