The CAD software in factory planning

The CAD software in factory planning


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CarF digital factory planning - example of how a car got navigated through a car factory

Digital Factory Planning

A product goes through many processes in a factory before it is completed; the processes merge or are dependent on one another. With the software planning module of CarF factory planning, you can plan all these processes – easily and intuitively.

CarF traffic planning - example of an envelope

Traffic Planning

Developed for digital factory planning, the tractrix curves module can also be used for the envelope and tractrix curves calculation in road and rail traffic. Digitally plan the envelope curves using various predefined types.

CarF other tools include the quality checking tool

Other Tools

Improve the data quality and do an automated check of the CAD files created to see whether the demanded standards have been met. With the quality checking tool of CarF, you improve your planning quality and avoid poor performance costs.

About Us

Leading in the automotive industry

LuArtX was founded in 2018; our team has long years of experience in software development for MicroStation. We provide the best consulting for this software, your project environment and everything that has to do with MicroStation. Here we can also rely on long years of expertise, can react rapidly and solution-oriented.

Our target is to constantly expand the success history of factory planning software, adapt to changing conditions and so be able to offer the best solution in the automotive sector. We start with a small team that works well together, operates close to the customer and reacts quickly to his needs. We are proud of having the largest German automotive companies in our customer base.


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