CarF Infrastructure HVAC

LuArtX received the order to develop in cooperation with the automotive industry the infrastructure module HVAC – CarF Infrastructure HVAC. We already announced it in the news september 2019.

In the B2B portals of the automotive industry you can read in the CAD-Guidelines that CarF Infrastructure HVAC will be released May 2021. No further costs will occure for TRICAD-MS maintenance customers. All modules will be taken over and migrated to CarF. All users will find their way around immediately and the software is 100% compatible, i.e. you can continuing working straight away.

The following modules are affected:

  • Ventilation 3D
  • Heating 3D
  • Sanitary 3D
  • Sprinkler 3D
  • Electro 3D
  • Schema
  • Isogen
  • IFC
  • Calculation interfaces
  • Reportmanager

Send us a copy of your actual license and we will be happy to prepare the appropriate takeover offer for you on January 1st, 2021. We have concluded a partner contract for you with all software companies and can now look after you continuously and receive training from one single source.

Any questions?


Your  LuArtX IT Team

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