CARF Highlight-Serie

CARF Highlight Series “Attach factual data” Part 4

Today, our development team presents you part 4 on the topic of “Appending factual data”: “Appending factual data in “Silent (Batch) Mode”.

A great relief is the possibility to append factual data in “Silent (Batch) Mode”. For this purpose, shorthand characters with corresponding setting options have been assigned for the individual areas and setting options. The following syntax is defined for the individual options in the dialog window:

[1] Filter components/fittings [KOM]0@ or [KOM]1@
2] Filter [FIL
1 All [FIL]1@
2 Fence (named fence) [FIL]2: Fence name@
3 Selection [FIL]3@
[3] Filtering of components via defined lists [LIS]List designation@
4] Defined part data records [TDM
0 CarF Data mask [TDM]0@
1 lists [TDM]1@ additionally list designation [BLI]BKS!components@
2 user-defined via structures [TDM]2@
5] Restart tags [TNA]0@ or [TNA]1@
6] Delete tags [DEL]0@ or [DEL]1@